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Can I Have Your Dollar? | FAQ

You probably have plenty of questions about this site. This page attempts to answer them.

Why does this site exist?

To ask you for your dollar.

Who are you exactly?

My name is Mark Williams. I’m 43 and live in the suburban St. Louis city of Webster Groves with my wife. I was born and raised in metropolitan St. Louis.

Do you and your wife need the money?

Not really. But we recently had our first child and my wife would like to stop working as a teacher. So your buck would help raise our daughter right.

Seriously, are you in debt? Are you in over your head? Do you need a government bailout?

No, we are both debt free. No college debt. No credit card debt. Our vehicles are paid off. We do a great job a living beneath our means.

The only debt we have is to Nationwide Mortgage. That’s where you come in.

So you’re asking me to make your mortgage payment each month for you? Shouldn’t you be living in a smaller house if you can’t afford this one?

We CAN afford this house. And we have no problem making our monthly payment and then some. Your donation is applied to pay down the principal on the loan.

What happens if I’m cheap and don’t give you a dollar?

We pay that much more in interest over the remaining 0 years left on the note. To think that it will take that long is depressing.

If you and your wife are doing so well how come you don’t make extra principal payments?

We do make extra principal payments each month. We’ve currently applied $132,446.03 in extra principal. Head over to the status page to see more details.

How did you come up with this idea?

I stole it, basically.

Other Internet Panhandlers:

What do I get in return for my dollar?

Nothing. No service or product is rendered at all.

If you choose to do so, I will list your name, web site, amount donated and a message of your choosing on the Donor Page.

If you’d rather remain anonymous, that’s cool too.

Shouldn’t I be at least entertained for my dollar?


So you think just by asking that I’ll pry open my wallet?

Not really. But I was talking to a police officer once and he made a comment that he gave warnings to everyone who asked for them on traffic stops with very few exceptions. He continued to say that over 95% of the people he’s pulled over never ask for a warning, they just expect him to give them a warning.

I figured I could try the same tactic here. Besides, what’s the harm in asking. The worst you can say is no.

What do you get in return for my dollar?

Each and every dollar (minus fees) will go to paying down the principal note on my mortgage.

View the progress here!

How can I verify that you own this house and aren’t making this up?

Click here to see the past activity with our mortgage. You will find screenshots of our mortgage activity from PHH’s website.

Or email me and I’ll send you a picture of the house or something.

But there are children starving in Africa.

Yes there are.

That’s why I’m not asking for all your money. Just a buck.

Why a buck?

Because there are children starving in Africa.

Given the current amount of my mortgage that remains is $0.00 and factoring in that there are 7,745,052,575 people currently on the face of the earth, the amount of folks that would have to actually give a dollar is minuscule.

You do realize that not everyone can or will give a buck?

Of course I do. But for just pennies a day, you can cover for them.

You didn’t say please.

Well in terms of my domain name, no I did not. I wanted to keep it short and sweet and save you time when typing it in or creating a link. But I’m sorry for my impoliteness. Can I please have your dollar?

What grade did you get in English? Don’t you realize that it should be

Never less than a C. However, most of my school days in the English facets of learning were spent teaching myself to sleep while at the same time still keeping my pen moving so that it looked like I was taking notes with my head down.

I fully realize my domain name is not grammatically correct. If you’d like grammatically correct version, please go here.

But just points to

Yes they both go to the same site, but you’ll notice I strategically replaced all the applicable cans with mays. So there.

I’m highly offended by your entire site and premise.

That is more of a statment than a question. . .

Lighten up. I’m just asking for a buck. If you are offended, don’t give me your dollar. Or write me hate mail to help as an emotional catharsis.

This FAQ is really long. Can you shorten it up?

Yes I can.

Your site is ugly.

So are you.

Your site is beautiful.

Thank you. You are rather stunning yourself.

How about chipping in a buck?

Can I hire you?

Sure you can. What do you need done? I’m good at nerd things.

Email me for more information.

Aren’t there much better things I could do with my dollar than give it to you?

Probably. But in this day and age of $5 cups of coffee and movie tickets that are in the double digits, I’m as good a cause as any.

Okay, you’ve convinced me, how do I give you my dollar?

Sweet! You are not going to regret this. Or maybe you might.

Give here!

Can I donate more than one dollar?

Of course! This is America after all.

Can I advertise on your site?

Sure. Contact me and let me know what you are selling and maybe we can work out a deal.

Where do you waste money?

Purchasing domain names for foolish endeavors such as this. is a great place to waste money.

My wife and I also enjoy dining out as neither of us enjoy cooking. Chevy’s Fresh Mex, Tucker’s Place and White Castle are a few of my favorite places.

Are you fat, dumb and stupid? Haven’t you wasted a ton of time making this site? And doesn’t it cost you more to host it than you are making back?

That’s a lot of questions. Let’s start off by saying this: I could stand to lose 10 pounds. I’m pretty bright, but never quite worked up to my potential and I may be crazy, but I ain’t stupid.

Now then. I have spent some time making this site, but usually I find projects through which I can learn new skills or hone and enhance other tools in my nerd arsenal.

This site ultimately is about facilitating a project that I can work on without concern of what ultimately becomes of it. If I happen to get some cash from it, great. If not, I’ve still learned a few things in the process, which can only help in the future.

As far as hosting goes, I host with Dreamhost and have an account there already, so by hosting an additional site, I’m enhancing the value of my account.

What will you do when your mortgage is paid off?

Probably move.

You haven’t answered my question! How do I ask it?

Contact me. I may email you back directly or I might post your answer here. Or maybe both.