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Paid In Full

Date 08/26/2016
Description Paid In Full
Reference Number WIRE
Posting Date 08/26/2016
Current Balance $0.00
Principal $95,945.51
Interest $172.51
Escrow $34.50
Late Charge $0.00
Fees $0.00
Total Amount $96,152.52

So this little experiment is done. And no thanks to the bulk of you, it has been a resounding failure. Well, at least in terms of getting the general populace of the Internets to pay off theĀ mortgage . . . it has failed.

We. however, have not failed. We have succeeded. We are debt free.

Total Debt Freedom is something that was enabled through record markets and well timed, prudent investments. Paying this debt off early is something that given the ultra-low rate on our loan makes absolutely no fiscal sense. We should have kept this debt for as long as humanly possible.

After consulting several trusted parties and asking for them to point out any folly in paying it off early, ALL advisers said that there is something that shifts when you pay off your home. That the grass feels better. That a weight that you didn’t know existed is lifted. It has been less than 12 hours since I sent the wire to pay it off and there is a surreal, but distinct change. I get now why people find it hard to describe, but now having achieved this freedom, it is most definitely real. If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

Not sure what the future of this site is going forward, but thanks to the 5 of you that read it.

* Also, there is some level of irony that a few months back this last loan was sold from Nationwide Advantage Mortgage to a company called “Freedom Mortgage”.Ā Interesting approach to naming a company who’s business is debt and the bondage that comes with it.

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