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Update December 2016 – Welp, we paid off the mortgage. This site which was really a missed opportunity to implement GoFundMe and IndieGoGo myself is somewhat dead. Not sure how long I’ll keep it up. If you are interested in the purchasing the domains, let me know.

And even if you feel left out that you weren’t one of the handful of people to contribute and help tackle this goal, you can still give me a dollar.

This site exists to ask one simple question.

Can I Have Your Dollar?

My name is Mark Williams. My wife and I are seeking to pay off the mortgage on our home as early as possible. We make extra principal payments each month, but as we only make so much money in a year, we are limited in how much we can contribute our goal.

I began thinking about other ways we could bring in more money to accomplish this goal and figured there is no harm in asking strangers on the Internet. So that is where you come in. Consider this site an empty jar that is just waiting for you to help fill it with your extra dollar. Or consider it begging, either way, consider giving your dollar.

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Have money burning a hole in your pocket and don’t want to spend it elsewhere? Can you spare that dollar and give it to us instead? That’s the spirit!

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Mark Williams